Top Tips for a Successful Network Refresh

Top Tips for a Successful Network Refresh

End-of-life hardware. Software limitations. More complex business requirements. Sound familiar? It might be time to refresh, expand or overhaul your large-scale digital signage network.

In this one-hour webinar, three industry experts share lessons learned from an extensive network refresh for the massive PatientPoint® content and publishing network. You’ll learn best practices around updating existing digital signage networks with new hardware and software, criteria for evaluating a potential refresh, and tips for identifying the approach that is most compatible to your business.

Learning Objectives

  • Outline key considerations for deciding, planning, and executing a network refresh 
  • Determine the correct approach to the refresh: rip & replace, upgrade, or both
  • Review tangible and intangible costs along with potential impacts to business systems
  • Define criteria for selecting the best hardware and software solutions

Meet the Speakers

  • Dan Owens, CTO, PatientPoint
    • PatientPoint: Omnichannel patient engagement solutions company that operates one of the largest digital signage networks in the U.S
  • Jeff Hastings, CEO, BrightSign
    • BrightSign: Designer and manufacturer of the most reliable and multipurpose media players
  • Bart Massey, CTO, Reflect
    • Reflect: Software partner and integrator of large-scale digital signage networks including PatientPoint

Speaker Bios

Dan Owens is chief architect of the PatientPoint content and publishing network. As Chief Technology Officer, Dan and his product technology teams provide the technical expertise that powers PatientPoint technology and digital products. His teams design and build the frameworks that enable PatientPoint digital products to help make every patient-provider interaction better.

Jeff Hastings, CEO, is responsible for the company’s global strategic direction. Hastings has held leadership positions at other prominent digital media companies including Corel, M-Audio and Pinnacle Systems. As President of Rio, Hastings introduced the industry’s first MP3 player. Hastings holds a BS in computer science from Purdue University.

As CTO at Reflect, Bart Massey leads the design and delivery of Reflect’s software platforms for digital media and advertising. He has 25 years of experience working in and leading engineering organizations with companies including Reflect, Siemens, and Raytheon. He holds a BS and MS in Computer Science from the University of Oklahoma and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.