Manage, Deliver and Report
on Ad Campaigns for
Your Digital Signage Network


Manage, Deliver and Report on Ad Campaigns for Your Digital Signage Network

Reflect AdLogic is a platform for effectively managing, delivering, and reporting on media campaigns for digital signage networks. It is unique and powerful compared to previous ad management systems available to the place-based digital media industry.

Place-based digital media networks, owned and third party, are commonly used to generate revenue through advertising sales and the presentation of paid, brand or promotional messaging by partners or message sponsors. However, there hasn’t been a tool that specifically meets the need for scheduling and accounting for both advertising campaigns and sponsored content – until now.

Reflect AdLogic is an application that integrates with the ReflectView™ content management system. AdLogic is an ad trafficking platform that enables digital signage network operators to manage ad campaigns the way they are sold. It can be used for endemic content that is sold on a sponsorship model, priced and delivered on number of ads played per hour. It provides non-endemic or third-party advertising to be sold and delivered based on audience impressions. The flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy of ad management has never been easier.

The Power of the Platform Lies in Automation & Accuracy

Campaign Management: Reflect AdLogic allows clients to set campaign objectives based on frequency of plays and audience impressions targets. Order details include pricing by units or by impressions. It also has functionality for setting campaigns to meet exact delivery targets or to set a certain percentage to over-deliver if desired, as well as setting bonus spots and other special campaign requirements.


Reflect AdLogic Scheduling icon

Scheduling: Reflect AdLogic eliminates the need to insert ads manually into content playlists. Reflect AdLogic automatically ensures ads are played based o campaign targets including playback totals, frequency, and targeted audience impressions. Just import the media, and Reflect AdLogic handles the rest.

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Delivery: Reflect AdLogic knows the details of the digital signage networks being served, including audience impressions and hours of operation for the venues. This enables the platform to "look ahead into the future” and know how many ads will need to be played by location and for each digital signage system. The algorithmic engine powering Reflect AdLogic then balances ad playback to meet exact campaign objectives.


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Status & Insight: Campaign status and progress toward goals are tracked in real-time. Reflect AdLogic shows how each campaign and ad units are doing, and provides insight into any areas of attention needed for the performance of playback and inventory.

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Reporting: Customizable reports allow for detailed affidavits and historical reports to provide to networks and advertisers. You and your clients always know where you stand, and can count on delivering what you promised.