The Power of
Place-based Digital Media
has been proven


Consumer facing companies have realized the importance of implementing digital solutions to engage customers, increase sales, tell their brand story, and enhance the shopping experience. By controlling the right digital experiences from the moment customers walk through the door, businesses can gain a competitive edge in today's marketplace.

Reflect solutions enable consumer-facing companies to connect and engage with their customers better than any other in the industry. Our history of success, across a diverse portfolio is built around our exclusive ReflectView™ platform- a proven, scalable, enterprise class Content Management System with the flexibility to support diverse digital media experiences, including passive, dynamic, interactive and specialty product displays.

ReflectView enables seamless operation and management of place-based digital media networks spread over vast geographic areas. ReflectView’s content distribution and assignment capabilities have been optimized over years of experience with large enterprise networks, with centralized control of thousands of media display points.

  • Scalable – ReflectView is highly scalable to support any size of deployment. Today, ReflectView powers over 400,000 digital screens in over 35,000 locations.
  • Flexible - Our software allows sophisticated tools to control the specific message that plays in each location – at any given time, in any specific region. We support a variety of display and media player devices, allowing us to use the same software platform to deliver the right total solution for our clients.
  • Reliable – After more than a decade of successful large-scale deployments, ReflectView is field proven in some of the world’s most demanding environments.

ReflectView Process

ReflectView Place-Based Digital Signage

  • Enterprise scale content distribution and digital media network management system
  • Multi-tiered content distribution architecture
  • Media content and interactive applications are all managed seamlessly in one system
  • Advanced usage maps and playback reporting
  • Support for a range of industry leading network and player hardware solutions


ReflectView™ Feature List

  • Pre-defined and custom content metadata
  • Sophisticated tools for defining and using player, channel, and location classifications to drive smart content management and playback
  • Industry leading Smart content management tools are integrated into all points of the platform
  • Powerful filtering for Content Catalogs allows easy management of large quantities of content

  • Powerful filtering for Content, Catalogs, Playlists, and more
    • Smart items
    • Limited playback - ability to play content only a set number of times
    • Location - assures playback of location-specific content only in areas where it is targeted, regardless of where it is scheduled
    • Sequential - keeps content fresh by iterating through lists each time a content item is played
    • Shuffle - play randomly ordered content from a list
  • Live video module - allows the capture and display of live video feeds

  • Sophisticated network and content segregation capabilities
  • Location based Hours of Operations
  • Multi-tiered player architecture – provides a chained infrastructure approach to reduce network traffic
  • Mass assignment of content to search results
  • Intelligent content management that ensures content only goes where it is actually needed to reduce network usage

  • Reliable, validated playback architecture means content plays when and where you expected it without errors or missed playbacks
  • Multiple options for content playback synchronization
  • Extensive playback logging and reporting capabilities
  • Intelligent content cleanup and management on media players
  • Support for displays ranging from small to large format, multi-screen video walls, billboards, LED integrated displays, etc.

  • Affidavit style reports for proof of playback
  • Screen control and monitoring features for select display models
  • Player event logging and playback log parsing
  • Role-based web portal for system management
  • Ability to schedule content transmission windows to use network downtimes

  • The ReflectView platform has native support to deploy, manage, and monitor a variety of purpose-built applications
    • Dynamic Applications - Data-driven presentations that change with external data feeds
      • Social Media
      • News / Weather
      • Custom Data
    • Interactive Applications - User-driven touch-screen / button applications that allow a rich, interactive customer experience
    • Analytics – all ReflectView applications capture usage and interaction information from interactive experiences to create actionable business intelligence

Our solutions are crafted to the client’s individual requirements. Reflect works with clients to tailor a winning approach, backed by a future-proof technology platform designed for total efficiency. Our goal is to deliver a controlled digital media solution that can be integrated with web, social, or mobile strategies to create a connected multi-channel experience.

The result – a meaningful impact on each customer – giving the client an incredibly efficient opportunity to maximize sales, strengthen brand loyalty and provide a more rewarding in-store experience. Reflect offers turnkey solutions that scale quickly, allow faster speed to market, provide greater control, and allow clients to quickly measure results.

Reflect has over a decade of industry experience developing some of the largest digital media networks in North America. ReflectView currently powers over 400,000 digital screens in over 35,000 locations. We have a proven history of success, across a diverse portfolio of leading retail brands and companies, all built around our exclusive ReflectView™ platform.