How to Measure the Success of Your Digital Signage Pilot Program

Good ideas are like good intentions: there’s no guarantee that pursuing them will lead to great reward. Ideas have to earn their realization. That hard work begins as soon as the eureka moment has passed. Ideas must be tested, modeled, evaluated, and—not infrequently—sent back to the drawing board in search of that elusive desired result. […]...
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Top Tips for a Successful Network Refresh

End-of-life hardware. Software limitations. More complex business requirements. Sound familiar? It might be time to refresh, expand or overhaul your large-scale digital signage network. In this one-hour webinar, three industry experts will share lessons learned from an extensive network refresh for the massive PatientPoint® content and publishing network. You’ll learn best practices around updating existing […]...
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Not every marketing opportunity is the same; that’s why you need a partner with options.

In advertising, the “tried and true” may just be the latest “new and improved.” For proof, look no further than the industry’s thought leaders. Researchers at the Zenith Group project that spending on digital-only advertising tactics (programmatic, search, etc.) will decline in the coming year, but that a revival of investment in traditional out-of-home advertising, […]...
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Millennial couple at Cedar Fair

How Do You Reach Millennials and Members of Gen Z? By Being Where They Are.

We’ve all heard the stereotypes. Narcissistic. Entitled. Unmotivated. Obsessed with their phones. Short attention spans. But this profile of Millennials and Generation Z is wide off the mark, especially from a marketing perspective. It’s much more accurate—and opportunity-minded—to describe these young consumers in terms of their more flattering attributes. Discerning. Community-focused. Socially responsible. Tech-savvy. Sensitive […]...
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Friends eating at Cedar Fair park

Reach the right audience at the right time — while they’re making memories

The butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling you get as the chain-lift pulls the roller coaster up to the top of that first death-defying drop… The distinctive soundtrack of oohs and ahs that accompanies a brilliant display of fireworks… That first, mouthwatering bite of cotton candy… or funnel cake… or frozen custard… or salt water taffy… Simply recalling these […]...
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High energy Times Square digital signage

Why Strategy is Key to Effective Digital Signage Content

Article originally published on Image credit: Getty. Digital signage in retail has really changed over the last two decades. Static print signs gave way to digital lightboards, then to bulky CRTs and TV monitors playing taped videos and, in the last 10 years, to thin screens playing digital clips. Today’s signage boasts ultra-high-definition video, […]...
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Two women using interactive screen in retail

To ignite consumer experience, do I need interactive touchscreens?

A differentiated customer experience is critical for retailers today. It gets people into stores, increases sales, and strengthens loyalty. Research proves that digital signage enriches the experience for in-store shoppers. With today’s heightened competition in the online and offline worlds, it’s a basic survival tool. Retailers today are not necessarily contemplating whether digital signage can […]...
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Digital Signage LED

When It Comes to High-end Digital Signage, Content is King

It seems, almost daily, we are regaled by technological developments that promise our customers richer, more enhanced experiences. That’s definitely true in regards to digital signage. This technology has been shaking up retail for over a decade. Screens continue to get bigger, clearer, and more affordable. We have astonishing LEDs that span city blocks and […]...
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Hot Topics Pondered at IRDC

Reflect had a blast at this year’s International Retail Design Conference in Boston! It was enlightening hearing from retail’s thought leaders and networking with great partners. We’re more passionate than ever to collaborate and reshape the future of retail. Here are our 7 key takeaways from the conference. 1. CATEGORY CONCERN Retail is transforming, and […]...
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