High energy Times Square digital signage

Why Strategy is Key to Effective Digital Signage Content

Article originally published on Image credit: Getty. Digital signage in retail has really changed over the last two decades. Static print signs gave way to digital lightboards, then to bulky CRTs and TV monitors playing taped videos and, in the last 10 years, to thin screens playing digital clips. Today’s signage boasts ultra-high-definition video, […]...
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Two women using interactive screen in retail

To ignite consumer experience, do I need interactive touchscreens?

A differentiated customer experience is critical for retailers today. It gets people into stores, increases sales, and strengthens loyalty. Research proves that digital signage enriches the experience for in-store shoppers. With today’s heightened competition in the online and offline worlds, it’s a basic survival tool. Retailers today are not necessarily contemplating whether digital signage can […]...
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Digital Signage LED

When It Comes to High-end Digital Signage, Content is King

It seems, almost daily, we are regaled by technological developments that promise our customers richer, more enhanced experiences. That’s definitely true in regards to digital signage. This technology has been shaking up retail for over a decade. Screens continue to get bigger, clearer, and more affordable. We have astonishing LEDs that span city blocks and […]...
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Hot Topics Pondered at IRDC

Reflect had a blast at this year’s International Retail Design Conference in Boston! It was enlightening hearing from retail’s thought leaders and networking with great partners. We’re more passionate than ever to collaborate and reshape the future of retail. Here are our 7 key takeaways from the conference. 1. CATEGORY CONCERN Retail is transforming, and […]...
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College kids

5 Benefits of Digital Signage on College Campuses

Digital signage is becoming a common element on college campuses nationwide. Users of digital signage are finding the technology cost-effective and simpler than they imagined. It makes sense that institutions of higher learning would make the smart move to digital signage. This tech can greatly benefit a university in a variety of ways:...
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Macy's Digital Signage Experience

Explore the Three Types of Digital Signage Content and Find the Right Fit for Your Space

Digital signage enables connections between consumers and brands. As technology improves, digital signage has found its way to a variety of locations, from retail stores to amusement parks. Wherever there is an opportunity to inform, help, direct, or engage, there’s a digital signage solution to fit that environment. But do you know what content is […]...
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Reflect Anniversary Banner

Happy 17th Anniversary Reflect!

It’s hard to believe that we are celebrating our 17th Anniversary. We’ve come a long way since 2001 to establish ourselves as an industry leader. The evolution of our software and our services has been influenced by our team, our industry, our partners, and most importantly, our clients. We wouldn’t be where we are today […]...
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