Upgrading Your Digital Signage Network- Invest In The Right Partner

Upgrading Your Digital Signage Network: Invest in the Right Partner

A digital signage network isn’t some kind of set-it-and-forget-it technology. At some point your current network won’t be able to provide the experience you need, and it will require some level of upgrade. Depending on your current digital signage network—and your future plans—there are some places where you can economize and other places you shouldn’t. […]...
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Is it Time to Refresh Your Digital Signage Network

Is it Time to Refresh Your Digital Signage Network?

In many ways, digital signage is like any other technology you own. Even if it’s still performing well, there comes a point when there’s newer technology available that offers you more capabilities. But unlike your computer or smartphone, upgrading your digital signage network is expensive and takes a lot of planning and work. You only […]...
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Measuring Your Digital Signage Network – Aligning Disparate Teams

Measuring Your Digital Signage Network: Aligning Disparate Teams

Managing your company’s digital signage network may primarily fall to one team, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the company shouldn’t be involved. Your network affects—and is affected by—many other teams, but how much do you actually involve them in the measurement and analysis of the system? There are many reasons to involve disparate […]...
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Capabilities Your Digital Signage Should Have

Capabilities your digital signage network should have

Technology continues to evolve at break-neck speed. Attend CES or any other technology trade shows and you’ll discover a dazzling array of new products available and get a peek at what’s currently in development. Of course, one of the major attractions at these shows is what’s new in digital displays. Today’s digital screens are impressive […]...
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In-Store Digital Displays And Creating Brand Trust-2

In-Store Digital Displays and Creating Brand Trust

It’s likely that some of your earliest memories are of stories you were told. And who doesn’t enjoy a good movie or book? There’s a reason for that. It turns out our brains are drawn to stories and wired to remember them. In fact, we’re 22 times more likely to remember stories than facts or […]...
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How Signage Solutions Can Be Turned Into Data Machine-2

How Digital Signage Solutions Can be Turned into Data Machines

Your store’s digital signage content should always engage the customer. But if you want to turbocharge the customer experience, then add interactivity to your content. That interactive content will not only help your digital signage solutions have more impact, but will also give you the ability to glean information about what your customers want when […]...
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In Store Displays At The Moment Of Purchase Blog

In-Store Digital Displays and the Moment of Purchase

Digital signage can start influencing the customer experience before they even set foot in the store. Beginning with a digital screen that entices the customer from the street to enter the store, in-store digital displays can direct customers to different departments and help them find what they’re looking for. Along the way, in-store digital displays […]...
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Content is the Linchpin of Shopper Marketing Success

Content is the Linchpin of Your Digital Shopper Marketing Success

Content is the Linchpin of Your Digital Shopper Marketing Success Most customers today split their shopping time between browsing online and going to the store. With the two very different environments often creating a bumpy, disconnected customer experience, retailers are always looking for ways to smooth out any gaps between the online and brick-and-mortar worlds. […]...
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How to Fit In Store Digital Signage Into Your Store Design

How to Fit In-Store Digital Signage into Your Store Design

In-store digital signage is an important component of your marketing plan. And just as you plan the rest of your marketing, you need to plan your in-store digital signage: Where are the screens going to go? What’s their objective? What kind of content are you going to put on them? Whether you’re planning new construction, […]...
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CES photo – Getty Images

Digital Signage and CES: What was New and Exciting in 2020

For more than 50 years, The Consumer Electronic Show, CES, has been the place for companies to show off their next-generation technologies. As expected, CES 2020 was busy and buzzing with innovative new technologies, new ideas in search of attention, and visionary concepts that aren’t available yet. This year, there were more than 4,400 exhibitors, […]...
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All the Same Blog V2

Are All Digital Signage Solutions Providers the Same? No, and Here’s How to Find the Right Partner.

Digital signage inside of a store is no longer unique. Enough retailers have recognized digital signage’s ability to enhance the customer experience and drive revenue that seeing screens is now the expectation. What is unique is seeing those screens being used well, but it’s understandable. The number of options there are for implementing digital signage […]...
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How to Measure the Success of Your Digital Signage Pilot Program

Good ideas are like good intentions: there’s no guarantee that pursuing them will lead to great reward. Ideas have to earn their realization. That hard work begins as soon as the eureka moment has passed. Ideas must be tested, modeled, evaluated, and—not infrequently—sent back to the drawing board in search of that elusive desired result. […]...
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Top Tips for a Successful Network Refresh

End-of-life hardware. Software limitations. More complex business requirements. Sound familiar? It might be time to refresh, expand or overhaul your large-scale digital signage network. In this one-hour webinar, three industry experts share lessons learned from an extensive network refresh for the massive PatientPoint® content and publishing network. You’ll learn best practices around updating existing digital […]...
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Not every marketing opportunity is the same; that’s why you need a partner with options.

In advertising, the “tried and true” may just be the latest “new and improved.” For proof, look no further than the industry’s thought leaders. Researchers at the Zenith Group project that spending on digital-only advertising tactics (programmatic, search, etc.) will decline in the coming year, but that a revival of investment in traditional out-of-home advertising, […]...
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Millennial couple at Cedar Fair

How Do You Reach Millennials and Members of Gen Z? By Being Where They Are.

We’ve all heard the stereotypes. Narcissistic. Entitled. Unmotivated. Obsessed with their phones. Short attention spans. But this profile of Millennials and Generation Z is wide off the mark, especially from a marketing perspective. It’s much more accurate—and opportunity-minded—to describe these young consumers in terms of their more flattering attributes. Discerning. Community-focused. Socially responsible. Tech-savvy. Sensitive […]...
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Friends eating at Cedar Fair park

Reach the right audience at the right time — while they’re making memories

The butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling you get as the chain-lift pulls the roller coaster up to the top of that first death-defying drop… The distinctive soundtrack of oohs and ahs that accompanies a brilliant display of fireworks… That first, mouthwatering bite of cotton candy… or funnel cake… or frozen custard… or salt water taffy… Simply recalling these […]...
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High energy Times Square digital signage

Why Strategy is Key to Effective Digital Signage Content

Article originally published on Image credit: Getty. Digital signage in retail has really changed over the last two decades. Static print signs gave way to digital lightboards, then to bulky CRTs and TV monitors playing taped videos and, in the last 10 years, to thin screens playing digital clips. Today’s signage boasts ultra-high-definition video, […]...
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Two women using interactive screen in retail

To ignite consumer experience, do I need interactive touchscreens?

A differentiated customer experience is critical for retailers today. It gets people into stores, increases sales, and strengthens loyalty. Research proves that digital signage enriches the experience for in-store shoppers. With today’s heightened competition in the online and offline worlds, it’s a basic survival tool. Retailers today are not necessarily contemplating whether digital signage can […]...
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Digital Signage LED

When It Comes to High-end Digital Signage, Content is King

It seems, almost daily, we are regaled by technological developments that promise our customers richer, more enhanced experiences. That’s definitely true in regards to digital signage. This technology has been shaking up retail for over a decade. Screens continue to get bigger, clearer, and more affordable. We have astonishing LEDs that span city blocks and […]...
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Hot Topics Pondered at IRDC

Reflect had a blast at this year’s International Retail Design Conference in Boston! It was enlightening hearing from retail’s thought leaders and networking with great partners. We’re more passionate than ever to collaborate and reshape the future of retail. Here are our 7 key takeaways from the conference. 1. CATEGORY CONCERN Retail is transforming, and […]...
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College kids

5 Benefits of Digital Signage on College Campuses

Digital signage is becoming a common element on college campuses nationwide. Users of digital signage are finding the technology cost-effective and simpler than they imagined. It makes sense that institutions of higher learning would make the smart move to digital signage. This tech can greatly benefit a university in a variety of ways:...
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Macy's Digital Signage Experience

Explore the Three Types of Digital Signage Content and Find the Right Fit for Your Space

Digital signage enables connections between consumers and brands. As technology improves, digital signage has found its way to a variety of locations, from retail stores to amusement parks. Wherever there is an opportunity to inform, help, direct, or engage, there’s a digital signage solution to fit that environment. But do you know what content is […]...
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Reflect Anniversary Banner

Happy 17th Anniversary Reflect!

It’s hard to believe that we are celebrating our 17th Anniversary. We’ve come a long way since 2001 to establish ourselves as an industry leader. The evolution of our software and our services has been influenced by our team, our industry, our partners, and most importantly, our clients. We wouldn’t be where we are today […]...
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Reflect KEYS blog header

Four Key Factors to Look for in a CMS

As digital out-of-home (DOOH) networks have become more widespread and powerful, the tech driving them has evolved in significant ways. One of the most important things to get right when your business implements a DOOH network is the CMS—content management system. Why? Because a highly capable CMS will allow you to manage experiential media experiences […]...
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Reflect wins an Elevate award at ICX

Best ICX Deployment: Retail

The Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit is the leading annual conference expo devoted to showcasing the innovative ways technology can be used to create transcendent customer experiences. Reflect was thrilled to win an Elevate Award for Best ICX Deployment: Retail for Polaris: The Retail Experience. The Awards ceremony and dinner party were held in conjunction […]...
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Reflect AdLogic

Reflect AdLogic

Reflect AdLogic is a platform for effectively managing, delivering, and reporting on media campaigns for digital signage networks. It is unique and powerful compared to previous ad management systems available to the place-based digital media industry.
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Reflect Systems In Office Display

Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

Digital signage is a versatile communications solution promoting daily interaction. Whether it’s a kiosk at the airport, an advertising platform at a retail store, or a digital display on a corporate campus, the applications for digital signage are limitless. Now, corporations are discovering that these bright, attention-grabbing screens can serve as useful internal assets for […]...
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REF header

Optimal Digital Out of Home Network Network Monetization

The reasons for implementing or updating a digital media network vary, but consideration is often given for how it can produce revenue by selling ad space. This has historically been difficult to do effectively in DOOH networks, but recent leaps forward in technology have made out-of-home advertising monetization a realistic possibility for many venues with […]...
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REF header

Optimal Digital Out of Home Network Cloud vs. On-site

Where does your CMS live? There is much buzz about taking things into the cloud, but what does that mean for digital CMS platforms? Early CMS platforms were designed to be packages installed and managed onsite by local IT organizations. Some content management systems have been designed without installed software running on servers, resulting in […]...
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REF DC 2 header

Wayfinding Usage and Application

Due to its positive impact on experience, digital wayfinding is now pervasive across a number of verticals: travel, healthcare, recreation, education, and retail. For a business considering a wayfinding program, it can be a bit of a struggle deciding between place-based digital wayfinding signs (like physical kiosks), mobile wayfinding, or some combination of both.
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Reflect- Digital Concierge Title

The Digital Concierge

We love our customers, so naturally we want them to love us in return. That’s why we invest in tools that make our customer interactions easy and memorable – not to mention different enough from the norm to intrigue them and bring them back for more.
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Technology never stops advancing

Create Unmatched Customer Engagement

Consumers have adopted Place-Based Digital. They now have a heightened awareness of digital experiences within physical locations. They realize the benefits digital offers to the overall customer engagement experience. Customer engagement will only happen if they believe there is value.
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Positive Impact

Customer Experience: A Definition

A great customer experience leads to Increased Retention, Lifetime Values, and Word of Mouth. The practice of going above and beyond for your customers, in hopes that meeting or exceeding their expectations will generate a positive impact on your business.
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Digital connectivity

Advancements in Digital Engagement

Digital engagement has dramatically shifted what consumers expect from brands.  They expect to seamlessly access content when and how they want it. They expect content to be easy to find, simple to understand and formatted for full access on their device. They simply want it all.
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Digital Signage Solutions are Here. And Here to Stay

Digital engagement is how the world now communicates, transacts, learns and lives life. We’re wirelessly and effortlessly connected to our digital devices. Behaviors have shifted. Cutting-edge technologies, like digital signage solutions, are adopted faster and easier by consumers who have evolved. Have you?
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Reflect at Digital Sign Expo

Make Your Brand Move at DSE 2015

Your customers see brand messages all the time and all over the place. In print. On broadcast. And now, more than ever, they’ve become digital consumers. Digital done right delivers brand benefits, in-depth information, and previously unimaginable interactivity.  Talk with Reflect and bring your digital strategy to life. Where Can You See Us? DSE Booth […]...
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The New Kids on the Block

The world of retailing just keeps getting more exciting as the landscape continues to radically shift and morph with new business models and approaches in the age of the Connected Customer. Traditional retailers have been honing their digital chops with omnichannel strategies. But we’re also seeing other brands that are not traditional retailers now expanding […]...
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Cedar Fair Entertainment Company video wall by Reflect Systems

Cedar Fair Thrills Park Guests With Experiential Digital Media

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, one of the largest amusement-resort operators in the world, is using digital engagement to thrill park goers and improve overall guest experiences.  Operating 11 amusement parks, three outdoor water parks, one indoor water park, and five hotels, Cedar Fair continuously strives to provide guests with an unmatched experience.  In fact, Cedar […]...
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Reflect Systems volunteering  at The Warren Center’s Spring Fling

Reflect Gives Back at The Warren Center’s Spring Fling!

Local Non-Profit Organization Helping Children with Developmental Differences Reflect is committed to giving back to the community.  We recently had the opportunity to volunteer at The Warren Center’s Spring Fling.  Reflect was on hand in both locations, Richardson and Garland, to help the kids with various arts and crafts.  The Spring Fling Family Fun Day […]...
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DSE Logo

DSE 2014!

Are you attending the Digital Signage Expo February 11-13 in Las Vegas?   We are!  Look for us here: Educational Seminar S8 – Articulating the Objective and Realizing Tangible ROI Wednesday, February 12:  4:00 – 5:00pm – Don’t miss Matt Schmitt, Reflect’s President, talk about defining objectives and determining the ROI of digital media initiatives before implementing […]...
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Enhance the Brand Image graphic

Create Brand Experiences with In-Store Digital Media

Every customer who walks into a brick-and-mortal retail location offers a prime opportunity for a retailer to drive sales and bolster brand image. But while static promotions and out-of-store media can lure some consumers, digital signage and interactive display applications can raise the bar. That’s because these innovative tools are capable of creating an in-store […]...
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James Avery

James Avery Crafts Brand Experiences

James Avery Jewelry, a family owned company, offers finely crafted jewelry designs for men and women.  The company’s mission is to “celebrate life through the beauty of design”. Since 1954, James Avery has done just that, designing timeless jewelry pieces for special occasions and every day wear that have universal appeal and reflect the things […]...
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In-Store Offers

Deliver Action On Promotional Offers with In-Store Digital Media

Consumers are bombarded by promotional offers promising everything from deep discounts to loyalty points. But static promotional signage can easily blend with the competition’s, failing to grab customers’ attention and drive sales. Digital signage and interactive displays, on the other hand, are dynamic platforms for attracting eyeballs and influencing purchasing behavior. Digital promotional offers can […]...
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Google stats

Empower Sales with Digital Media!

Not surprisingly, many sales associates feel outwitted by today’s savvy shoppers.  Recent research from Google spotlights this trend:     8 in 10 smartphone shoppers use mobile in-store to help with shopping, according to the April 2013 report, titled: Mobile In-Store Research: How in-store shoppers are using mobile devices.
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The Store’s Role in Digital Brand Media

Today’s brands are more focused than ever on adapting to consumer lifestyles and delivering a branded experience that resonates with their audience. The importance of well-executed brand media increasingly puts all brands, including retailers, in the content game. Marketing’s role in retail is shifting from advertising to brand storytelling. In the past, the driving force […]...
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Enhance Brand Image with Digital Media Solutions

For decades, retailers have relied on traditional out-of-store media such as print and television to reach potential customers and enhance brand image. But these days, retailers from grocery chains to electronics stores are shifting away from static advertising platforms to omnichannel programs — which include in-store digital media technology — to reach consumers in the store. […]...
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Educate Shoppers with In-Store Digital Media

Gone are the days when consumers relied solely on well-trained, highly knowledgeable store associates to learn more about a particular product. Today’s consumers are savvier than ever thanks to tools that allow them to comparison shop, download coupons and negotiate for discounts on-the-fly. In fact, analytics firm ForeSee Results reported that approximately 70% of consumers […]...
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Digital Media Grows Engagement at Dallas Arboretum!

Spotlight:  Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden  The Dallas Arboretum is using digital engagement to educate children of all ages about nature and science.  The recently opened Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden boasts an expansive eight acres of themed learning galleries and draws close to 1 million visitors annually. The Children’s Adventure Garden includes over 150 interactive […]...
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Levi’s Finds Perfect Fit with In-Store Digital

Levi’s has been innovating since 1873 when they created the world’s first blue jeans and they haven’t slowed down since. Drawing on the heritage, history and lifestyle branding of the company, Levi’s is connecting digitally with customers in the store to create dynamic, engaging experiences tailored to their brand. When tasked with redesigning the Levi’s […]...
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In-Store Digital Media for Customer Engagement

A recent article published on, “15 Mind Blowing Stats About Retail”, presented some interesting and promising retail statistics. The findings reiterate the importance of the customer experience and provide further evidence Reflect is developing solutions retailers and brands can use in the real-world to easily and effectively manage in-store digital media for customer engagement. Of […]...
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Delivering On The Omnichannel Promise

5 Ways To Improve The Brand Image And The Bottom Line Customers continue to make the majority of their purchase decisions in brick-and-mortar stores. This presents a golden opportunity for retailers who take the necessary steps to improve the in-store experience. In fact, research firm Forrester revealed that among retailers, customer experience accounts for 47% […]...
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Reflect to Sponsor Digital Screenmedia Symposium in Chicago

Reflect will be a presenting sponsor at the upcoming 2013 Digital Screenmedia Symposium, September 5-6 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Chicago. Types of screenmedia to be discussed: Digital menu boards Digital signage Mobile Self-service kiosks Tablets Topics to be addressed include: Screenmedia project success Choosing the right screen for the venue Interaction through touch, mobile, […]...
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2013 In View: Looking Ahead at the Digital Signage Year to Come

Recently, Digital Signage Today took a look at the year 2012 in review, and also a look ahead at what 2013 might bring to the digital signage/dynamic place-based/digital out-of-home industries. The end-of-year review/look ahead involoved a cross-section of digital signage thought leaders offering up their answers to one simple question: What do you see as […]...
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Brand Management Made Easy

Consumer brands are capitalizing on recent shifts in shopper behavior, both online and with mobile devices and apps, and are using digital channels as outlets for reaching customers quickly and conveniently. But what about the real world environment of the store?  Today, the most progressive consumer brands are capitalizing on digital engagement technologies at retail […]...
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DSE 2013 Wrap-Up!

We recently returned from the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas where we showcased the latest in Reflect’s digital signage and interactive applications. In case you missed us, during the show we highlighted our ViewPoint solutions, which harness the power of ReflectView and best in class hardware and partner offerings to deliver a strategic, scalable […]...
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Don’t Miss Us at DSE 2013!

Las Vegas Convention Center – Feb 26-28 Reflect is gearing up for Digital Signage Expo 2013, which always proves to be a great opportunity to interact face-to-face with customers and prospects, and to learn more about latest industry trends.  If you are attending the show, make sure to find us! DSE Booth 1615 Stop by […]...
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Reflect Returns from NRF Annual Convention and Expo

Reflect just got back from New York City where we had the chance to catch up with long-time clients and friends as well as the chance to make many new connections at the NRF Show!  If you missed us, or were unable to attend, we were showcasing our latest digital media solutions with our premier […]...
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Digital Media Solutions in the Real World

Omni-channel retailing has changed the way consumer facing companies approach their customers, forcing them to extend their marketing and communications to multiple channels while maintaining a consistent brand and approach.  Creating this seamless consumer experience across all channels, mobile devices, internet, television, catalog and brick-and-mortar is vital.  Consumers today are digitally savvy, they want to […]...
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Digital Connections in “The Real World”

Communicating with and engaging customers has always been a top priority for consumer-facing organizations, but today, with ever-increasing numbers of digital-savvy consumers, marketing and customer service have taken on new forms and digital strategies have become even more influential as a competitive differentiator, setting some companies apart from others.  Today, multi-channel strategies are increasingly focused […]...
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ReflectView Overview Video

Did you know we have a channel on YouTube?  One of the latest videos we posted is a short form overview of our market leading digital signage software suite ReflectView.  Why do you need digital signage software?  Click Here to check it out!    ...
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The Digital Moment of Truth – Mission Accomplished!

Creating effective content for digital signage displays presents unique challenges, as well as great opportunities for engagement, entertainment and motivation. As with any content creation, telling a story and creating a connection with the consumer require a thoughtful approach and a clear understanding of what works best for the medium. Let’s summarize what we learned […]...
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Feeding The Beast: In Motion & Template Usage

Feeding the Beast: In Motion Create a shorthand language with icons to help guide the viewer with specific visual themes. Depending on the type of display purpose, these can fall into a number of categories. They can be seasonal, departmental, contextual or emotional. Animate icons in specific ways to enhance network continuity. Icons need to […]...
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The Digital Moment of Truth – Feeding The Beast: Color Usage

Feeding the Beast – Color Usage   Identify the brand colors of the company, product, etc. Colors are usually designed to work well together and live in harmony within compositions. Use gradients to create a sense of space around products. Adding depth to the content will make the product/message pop from the background. The focus should […]...
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Feeding the Beast: Text Usage

Text must be legible, and easy to read at a glance. Utilize the brand’s font guidelines to ensure continuity with other marketing materials. There will typically be only one or two fonts used on the screen. Vary the usage of the font to create visual texture in contrasting ways that are appealing and balanced. Combining […]...
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Showcasing products

The Digital Moment of Truth – Feeding The Beast

Feeding the Beast: Content Specifics Setting the standards for acceptable deliverables will save a lot of headaches. Determine what formats, codecs and sizes are acceptable and whether the deliverables will be High Definition, Standard Definition, or both. While creating content, it is important to understand the aspect ratio, so the image or video does not […]...
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The Digital Moment of Truth – Feeding the Beast the Right Diet

One of the challenges for businesses undertaking digital signage projects is to produce content frequently and effectively. The term “feeding the beast” describes the need to keep content fresh, relevant, useful, interesting, compelling and inspiring. Content is what connects the consumer to the brand, not the technology or medium delivering the message. It is beneficial […]...
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Web measurement

The Digital Moment of Truth – Measure the Response

Without a call to action, it can be difficult to measure consumer engagement and overall effectiveness of digital signage content. If the goal is to increase sales, create call to action messaging which can be measured. The effectiveness of passive media content can be measured against objectives using data, reporting, and viewer tracking and analysis. […]...
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DSE 2012 Wrap-Up

We recently returned from Las Vegas where we pulled out all the stops at this year’s Digital Signage Expo to showcase the very latest in Reflect’s digital signage and interactive applications.  In case you missed us, during the show we highlighted our ViewPoint solutions, which harness the power of our latest software release, ReflectView 6, and best in […]...
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ReflectView Deployed for Largest Global Wholesale Supplies Distributor, Ferguson!

Reflect Systems announced today that they will begin deploying ReflectView for Ferguson, the largest global wholesale distributor of plumbing supplies and the second largest company in the waterworks industry. The ReflectView software suite will provide Ferguson control over the management, distribution and playback of HD media content. It also supports the integration and management of […]...
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See Us at DSE 2012 – On-Floor Workshop & Booth #945

Oh, No!  They FINALLY Approved that Digital Signage Project! Thursday, March 8, 2012 – 2:30pm – 3:00pm – Theater A If you are attending DSE this year, don’t miss Reflect’s EVP of Operations and CTO, Rick Mattock, at his on-floor workshop, Oh, No!  They FINALLY Approved that Digital Signage Project!  In this workshop attendees will learn […]...
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The Digital Moment of Truth – Create a Call to Action

Create a Call to Action Know your audience. Understanding the demographic of your audience will help better connect your message with the consumer. The best objective for demographics is to know certain classifications, such as age, sex, education, income, etc… Other research may be done on the actual consumers at a specific location to determine even […]...
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Environment graphic

The Digital Moment of Truth – Consider the Environment

Consider the Environment The physical environment of the venue can have a big impact on content design considerations. Knowing where the digital display will be located will help to keep the content looking seamless to the environment. An issue many companies have with digital signage is how it fits into their environmental design. As a […]...
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Interaction graphic

The Digital Moment of Truth – Define The Objective

Define the Objective Return on investment (ROI) is extremely important in digital signage deployments, but as a content designer, return on objective (ROO) is just as important, and may have a greater impact on the consumer experience. By delivering the best consumer experiences and brand messaging, you will leave an impression on each consumer, either […]...
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Assets graphic

The Digital Moment of Truth – Understand the Purpose

Understand the Purpose The most important element of a successful and useful digital signage implementation is the content. Content for digital signage is different than other mediums used for marketing and advertising. The digital signage medium is unique. It is not the same as television, websites or print promotions. The content that should be created […]...
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The Digital Moment of Truth – New Whitepaper Available!

Digital signage is increasingly used as a form of out-of-home advertising in which video content, advertisements and real-time messages are displayed on screens with a goal of delivering targeted messages to specific locations at specific times. The market has proven digital signage as more beneficial than static signage because content can be updated frequently, saving […]...
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Matt Joins RetailWire’s BrainTrust Panel

RetailWire is the retailing industry’s premier online discussion forum. Each business morning, RetailWire editors pick news topics worthy of commentary by its “BrainTrust” panel of industry experts, and the general RetailWire membership. The results are virtual round tables of industry opinion and advice covering key dynamics and issues affecting the retailing industry.  Matt Schmitt, Reflect’s […]...
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Verizon store

In-Store Digital Media Helps Verizon Wireless Connect with Customers!

Reflect worked with Verizon Wireless and their preferred hardware and integration partners to plan, test and deploy in-store marketing displays and self-service kiosk systems that enabled reliable content management and delivery. With the open architecture of ReflectView, Verizon Wireless is able to integrate with internal business systems and use enterprise-standard deployment and support processes. Refl […]...
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Reflect Team Volunteers

Happy Holidays from Reflect!

To celebrate this Holiday Season Reflect has made donations in the name of our valued customers and partners to local charities.  We appreciate your business and support and we hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season! The Reflect Team Volunteers!  Throughout the year, especially during the Holiday Season, Reflect employees take great pleasure in volunteering […]...
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Managing Digital Signage Solutions Interactivity

Michael Moore from Reflect talks with Joseph Grove, Executive Editor for NetWorld Alliance, from Reflect’s booth at CETW in New York about platforms that can help retailers and others manage interactive devices that are equal parts digital sign and kiosk to engage customers in the store.  Michael also discusses what makes Reflect stand out in […]...
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ReflectView Solutions Spotlight

Here at Reflect, we realize that not every digital signage project is the same.  Reflect is dedicated to providing flexible solutions which meet a customer’s needs, not by dusting off an ancient piece of hardware sitting on a warehouse shelf, but by merging customizable digital shopper marketing solutions built on a solid core software platform […]...
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Reflect Supports UNT’s Murphy Center for Entrepreneurship

We love celebrating and supporting entrepreneurial spirit and achievement.  That’s why Reflect chose to support the efforts of the University of North Texas. We sponsored and attended last week’s tenth anniversary Murphy Center For Entrepreneurship Leadership Luncheon where we were thrilled to see the Reflect Systems Scholarship awarded to Loren Meaghan Brown. We were also […]...
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A Client Focused Approach to Product Development Powers Results

Some things in the world can be funny. We get so close to what we’re doing day-to-day that we don’t realize everything we’re learning. Here at Reflect, we have great customers running our flagship product ReflectView, managing thousands of channels for literally millions of viewers each month, which is cool. But these forward looking customers […]...
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CETW Wrap-Up

Customer Engagement Technology World –  New York 2011 We recently returned from Customer Engagement Technology World in New York where we exhibited and presented at a session on ROI as a critical project element with our partner, CBS Outdoor.  The show was a success with a great Opening Session from B. Joseph Pine II on driving […]...
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Digital Signage Deployment – What Does it Take?

The Challenge – “Doing it Right” An effective deployment completes on time, on budget and meets the goals of all stakeholders.  In our experience this process hinges on careful planning and effective communication with the customer and our partners.  An ecosystem approach within your organization and external partners is required to keep your focus on […]...
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Staying True to Your Brand

When you create and nurture a brand, our customers are our audience. We tell them a story designed to communicate your value proposition in a way that will engage them and compel them.  We want them to not only want our product or service, but also to identify with the brand and embrace it.  We […]...
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BLOG_Max Adamczyk_Darren Woodson_Addison McLemore

Reflect Teams Up with The Warren Center

Local Non-Profit Organization Helping Children with Developmental Difference Reflect has committed to providing ongoing support to The Warren Center, providing needed monetary and volunteer services to help insure that the Warren Center children and their families receive the resources and support they need to achieve their potential. The Warren Center, founded by in 1968 as […]...
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Choosing the Right Platform to Power Your Digital Signage

When people think of digital signage they may not naturally think about a “platform” for all their digital signage needs. Somewhere between customer experiences, use case scenarios, networking considerations, hardware selections, content management, TCO and ROI is the answer. For many customers choosing the right platform comes down to the most flexible software (content management, […]...
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Reshaping the Shopping Experience with Technology Convergence

HP recently sponsored a whitepaper called Reshaping the Shopping Experience with Technology Convergence in which they interviewed Reflect’s President and Co-Founder, Matt Schmitt. The convergence of a variety of digital technologies will be a key driver of retail sales throughout 2011 and beyond.  This whitepaper discusses the evolution of digital media in retail sales, how convergence […]...
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Reflect Shares Top Digital Signage Tips for Retailers

(DALLAS) March 15, 2011 – Reflect, a leading full-service provider of in-store digital media solutions, today released quick tips for retailers looking to implement in-store digital media or improve upon their current in-store digital media strategy. Reflect will be exhibiting at GlobalShop, the world’s largest annual event for retail design and shopper marketing, in Las Vegas, March […]...
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GlobalShop booth

GlobalShop 2011 Wrap Up

This week retailers, designers, integrators and agencies converged at GlobalShop in Las Vegas. There were some great sessions and panels for hearing about the latest developments in retail design, including a presentation by Interbrand Design Forum.  CEO Scott Jeffrey predicted an increasing trend toward smaller, more personal retail spaces.  Check out a summary of the […]...
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Digital Signage Expo 2011

We recently returned from Las Vegas where we exhibited at DSE where one of our latest ReflectView solutions, Audience TouchPoint, created quite the buzz in our booth! The show had a record breaking year, with 195 exhibiting companies, and the highest conference registration to date. If we saw you at the show, thanks for stopping […]...
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Reflect Expands Offices In Dallas

We’re excited to be expanding our Dallas offices.  Our new space gives us more room for the additional team members we’ve added, and to put in more areas for demo showrooms, meeting spaces and labs.  I’ll post some new pictures and updates as we get the new space completed. Also, I’d like to send a shout out […]...
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Checking In On “Minority Report”

Retail TouchPoints published an article on Anonymous Video Analytics.  I wanted to touch on the “state of the union” related to the visions of the future imagined in the movie “Minority Report”.  With advances in anonymous video analytics and hands-free gesture-based interfaces, it seems like things that were once far fetched are becoming common-place.  As […]...
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How To Engage The Connected Shopper

Matt Schmitt of Reflect and Carrie Chitsey of 3 Seventy discuss the ways mobile messaging and in-store media can work to provide better customer engagement through the use of complimentary technologies and effective media content. The age of the connected shopper is here. Gone are the days of clipping coupons from the Sunday paper, scanning […]...
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Digital Marketing: Beware of S.O.S. (Shiny Object Syndrome)

Matt Schmitt, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Reflect Systems, says alignment of social media, mobile and in-store digital media is the first step to building a successful strategy. “Everyone must be on board and agree that they need a digital marketing strategy. They will also need to secure buy-in from their vendors who are […]...
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“Back To The Future” for educating ad agencies

Bill Yackey has a blog posting on the emerging awareness and participation by ad agencies in the growing Digital Out-of-Home media market. Bill writes: Agencies are recognizing the growth as well. In the agency world, digital out-of-home has traditionally fallen into the realm of out-of-home (OOH), which comprises mainly on billboards and the like. OVAB and other […]...
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2010 Prediction #5 – A fragmented industry will begin to resolve identity confusion

Digital Signage…In-Store Digital Media…Digital-out-of-Home (DooH)… Confused yet?  The identity crisis among vendors, industry associations, and (most importantly) end-user customers, has caused a great deal of hand wringing and continues to be a nuisance. In 2009, many of the proverbial wagons circled around the term Digital-out-of-Home as a catch-all term for much of the market usage […]...
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The Eleventh Screen

We met a great guy named Mike Cearley at the Digital Signage Expo last week and wanted to pass along info on his blog, called the eleventh screen.  Enjoyed reading his insights and perceptions that he took away from the show.  He made some great posts, including one about cutting through the clutter of solutions and focusing on telling […]...
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