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The reasons for implementing or updating a digital media network vary, but consideration is often given for how it can produce revenue by selling ad space. This has historically been difficult to do effectively in DOOH networks, but recent leaps forward in technology have made out-of-home advertising monetization a realistic possibility for many venues with the right technology.

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Content for digital networks can mean different things to different people, but a high-quality CMS can handle a wide range of content types, and a quality CMS provider will help you design and build a strategy for how to best create and present content for maximum return.

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Where does your CMS live? There is much buzz about taking things into the cloud, but what does that mean for digital CMS platforms? Early CMS platforms were designed to be packages installed and managed onsite by local IT organizations. Some content management systems have been designed without installed software running on servers, resulting in scope limitations.

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At the heart of any out-of-home network is a purpose for it to exist, and content for it present. As digital out-of-home, also known as DOOH, networks have become more widespread, powerful, and capable, the tech behind driving and controlling them has evolved considerably. In this blog series, we will discuss keys to deploying an optimal DOOH network.

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There has been a noticeable consumer push for better digital integration from retailers. As a result, smart brands have stopped ignoring the web and mobile devices and have embraced them. One of the fastest growing and most flexible hardware solutions to emerge from this trend is digital kiosks.