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Due to its positive impact on experience, digital wayfinding is now pervasive across a number of verticals: travel, healthcare, recreation, education, and retail. For a business considering a wayfinding program, it can be a bit of a struggle deciding between place-based digital wayfinding signs (like physical kiosks), mobile wayfinding, or some combination of both.

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We love our customers, so naturally we want them to love us in return. That's why we invest in tools that make our customer interactions easy and memorable - not to mention different enough from the norm to intrigue them and bring them back for more.

Consumers have adopted Place-Based Digital. They now have a heightened awareness of digital experiences within physical locations. They realize the benefits digital offers to the overall customer engagement experience. Customer engagement will only happen if they believe there is value.

In your physical place – a store, a stadium, a venue of any type – consumers will find ways to engage in the digital realm with you – or without you. In-store digital experiences should enhance shopper behaviors and enable them to consume information when, where and how they prefer.

A great customer experience leads to Increased Retention, Lifetime Values, and Word of Mouth.

The practice of going above and beyond for your customers, in hopes that meeting or exceeding their expectations will generate a positive impact on your business.

Here’s a stat to embrace: 94% of all retail sales take place IN the confines of a physical store.

Sure, e-commerce is now an intricate part of buying behavior – it adds value through greater variety and convenience.  However, physical stores are extremely relevant and aren’t going away anytime soon.

In pre-digital days, the marketing mix list was pretty short – TV, print, OOH, direct mail, etc. Then came the internet. And with it, digital engagement, and the ability for users to search and consume the exact content they preferred (who knew the world needed so many cat videos). Marketers opened their eyes to new possibilities.

Digital connectivity

Digital engagement has dramatically shifted what consumers expect from brands.

 They expect to seamlessly access content when and how they want it. They expect content to be easy to find, simple to understand and formatted for full access on their device. They simply want it all.

Digital engagement is how the world now communicates, transacts, learns and lives life. We’re wirelessly and effortlessly connected to our digital devices. Behaviors have shifted. Cutting-edge technologies, like digital signage solutions, are adopted faster and easier by consumers who have evolved. Have you?