Feeding the Beast: In Motion

Create a shorthand language with icons to help guide the viewer with specific visual themes. Depending on the type of display purpose, these can fall into a number of categories. They can be seasonal, departmental, contextual or emotional. Animate icons in specific ways to enhance network continuity. Icons need to be consistent. For example, all icons may relate to a specific look and feel. They may be bold or soft, or bright or pastel, in nature.

Text must be legible, and easy to read at a glance. Utilize the brand’s font guidelines to ensure continuity with other marketing materials. There will typically be only one or two fonts used on the screen. Vary the usage of the font to create visual texture in contrasting ways that are appealing and balanced. Combining bold and lightweights will help keep the viewers’ attention on the right words. Select three or four font weights, such as light, regular, semi-bold and bold.  The designer has freedom in using whatever will look good.

Showcasing products

Feeding the Beast: Content Specifics

Setting the standards for acceptable deliverables will save a lot of headaches. Determine what formats, codecs and sizes are acceptable and whether the deliverables will be High Definition, Standard Definition, or both.

While creating content, it is important to understand the aspect ratio, so the image or video does not get distorted or cropped in any way. Keep in mind that using multiple zones of content types on the screen can vary the aspect ratio as well.

Web measurement

Without a call to action, it can be difficult to measure consumer engagement and overall effectiveness of digital signage content.

If the goal is to increase sales, create call to action messaging which can be measured. The effectiveness of passive media content can be measured against objectives using data, reporting, and viewer tracking and analysis. Interactive content can be measured by tracking which content receives the most active engagement and attention.

We recently returned from Las Vegas where we pulled out all the stops at this year’s Digital Signage Expo to showcase the very latest in Reflect’s digital signage and interactive applications.  In case you missed us, during the show we highlighted our ViewPoint solutions, which harness the power of our latest software release, ReflectView 6, and best in class hardware and partner offerings to deliver a strategic, scalable platform for retail and out-of-home media networks.